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Letter to Alumni


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Hello Plainview Pirate Alumni!Letter Head.jpg


I am humbled and proud to greet you as a fellow alumnus and your new superintendent!  It has been thrilling for me to walk the halls (albeit without the pits) of PHS again and stroll through elementary classrooms where I can still vividly recall waltzing around a Maypole in Miss Bramer’s room, hearing Mrs. Buss ring her bell for us to quiet down, and watching curiously as Mr. Lichty adjusted his hair!  What a blessing to return at this point in my career to lead Plainview Public Schools “back to the future”!  (If you don’t know me well, that should give you a huge hint of the era I grew up!)


I hope to finish my career building a culture of exceptional attitudes, expectations, and achievements here at Plainview Public Schools.  I want our students to not just receive an excellent education, I want them to enjoy an “experience” here at Plainview Public Schools.  While class sizes are smaller, we play football with 8 players instead of 11, and pep club no longer exists, the thrill of making lifelong memories and accomplishing lofty goals is just the same!  I understand that EVERY era here at PHS has something to be proud of which has contributed to the fabric of our legacy.  As long as I have the privilege to lead our school, I will focus on making us the best school we can be, regardless of our census.  I will not be interested in dissolving our identity to join forces with a neighboring district.  There are 108 school districts in Nebraska that are smaller than we are.  We are far from worrying about providing and sustaining a variety of course and activity options for our students.  I will be preparing our school in every way, including top notch facilities, for the next generations of Pirates!


One of my primary goals as your superintendent is to help you stay or reconnect with PHS.  I want our current students to understand, respect, appreciate, and be inspired by the contributions that Plainview High School graduates are making in the world.  From these halls, our alumni have gone on to develop new technologies, lead industries, become engineers, doctors, judges, business owners, family farm operators, military generals, and yes, even rocket scientists!  Our students today possess the same potential to make a positive difference in the world but like me, when I was in high school, it’s difficult to conceptualize that potential and the real possibilities beyond the community of Plainview.  For me to have had the opportunity to go on to college, join the military, have a career in education that has taken me to several great communities in Nebraska, and then return “home” where it all began has been nothing short of exhilarating for me.  


Please find your way to our website (plainviewschools.org) so that you can stay in touch with the events and evolution of our school.  We’ll try to keep you up to date and communicate with you via the “Pirate Alumni” link under the “General Information” tab.  You will find links there to follow me as I take you on a virtual tour of the school.  Also, follow us on Twitter at the addresses below.  Our Plainview Public Schools Foundation is also working to become more vibrant; giving you the opportunity to support us by “Leaving A Legacy” to benefit future generations of Plainview Pirate students.  I want to harness the power of our entire alumni to support our current students who will join you soon enough as graduates of Plainview High School.


We would love to hear from you and include your email in our database so we can stay in touch with you and forward any necessary information about PHS and our needs to you.  Furthermore, I will want to possibly connect you with a current PHS Junior or Senior who is considering the same career as you.  You could be the best advocate and mentor for a current Pirate who possesses ambitions right now that could take them down the same path that you have successfully navigated.  


I hope to see you at a future community or school event.  The alumni BB/VB tournaments are April 1st, 2017 and the All-Class reunion is during Klown Days the weekend of June 2nd, 2017.  Please, come back and see us any time!  Thank you for supporting your alma mater and know that I intend to make you proud to be a Plainview Pirate!