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Annual Report Card

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2015 Annual Report Card

By Alt, Rich

December 03, 2015

Annual Report Card
Plainview Public Schools

According to Title 92, Rule 10 of the Nebraska Administrative Code, schools must annually prepare a written performance report that includes demographic, student performance, and financial information about their district.  A large part of the information provided in this report can be also be found in the State of the Schools Report at www.nde.state.ne.us.

Demographic Information

School attendance data for the Plainview Public School will be provided for the 2015-2016 school year.  Other demographic data will be drawn from the most recent data that is available.  The fall enrollment numbers show 306 students for this year in grades K-12.  There are a total of 159 students in grades K-6 and 147 students in grades 7-12.  Another 20 students participate in the district’s pre-school program that is available to 4-year olds.  The district enrollment numbers show a decrease in enrollment of 6 students from the previous year’s PreK-12 enrollment.  Class sizes range from a low of 15 students in seventh grade to a high of 37 students in the eleventh grade.  The June, 2015 census indicates that there are 379 five-to eighteen-year-olds living in the district.  This is a increase of 4 students from the June, 2014 census.   The most recent available data, which is for the 2014-2015 school year, shows that 38.7% of Plainview’s students qualified for free or reduced lunches, 17.4% qualified for special education services, there was a 16.8% mobility rate and 97.2% of all students were in attendance on any given day.  The most recent 4-year cohort graduation rate information available is for the Class of 2012.  For that year, Plainview’s 4-year cohort graduation rate was 97.4%.

NeSA Assessment Scores

Beginning with the 2009-2010 school year, the state of Nebraska began changing how it assessed its students at the statewide level.  Prior to this time all schools were responsible for assessing their students to see if they were meeting the state standards.  These assessments were generally referred to as STARS (School based – Teacher led Assessment and Reporting System) assessments.  Following STARS, statewide assessments were phased in for the academic areas of writing, reading and mathematics.  Originally, these tests were in a “paper-pencil” format.  Science has now been added to the testing schedule and the tests have all been switched over to an electronic format. With these recent changes in how the tests are administered, the format of reporting the test results has also changed. 

The scores reported below can also be found on the Nebraska Department of Education’s website, www.nde.state.ne.us, under the State of the Schools Report.  Assessment scores are given for each of the areas:  reading, mathematics, science and writing.  Each table gives the percentage of Plainview students, and the percentage of students across the state, that scored at or above the statewide cutoff score on the respective assessment.  Statewide writing assessments are only administered in grades 4, 8, and 11 and statewide science assessments are only administered in grades 5, 8, and 11.  The ^ symbol displayed in the writing scores is the result of a testing error at the state level, so these scores are not available. 


      2014-2015 NeSA Reading Scores                                  2014-2015 NeSA Writing Scores

Grade              Plainview                State                             Grade              Plainview              State

    3                       96%                     82%                                3                                                 

    4                       95%                     81%                                4                        68%                   70%

    5                       94%                     83%                                5  

    6                       92%                     81%                                6             

    7                       65%                     82%                                7                          

    8                       91%                     79%                                8                        91%                   71%    

  11                       67%                     69%                              11                       88%                   76%


 2014-2015 NeSA Mathematics Scores                                 2014-2015 NeSA Science Scores

Grade             Plainview                State                             Grade               Plainview            State

  3                        91%                     78%                                 3                     

  4                        91%                     77%                                4                       

  5                        89%                     76%                                 5                        89%                 73%

  6                        67%                     72%                                 6                       

  7                        83%                     73%                                 7                       

  8                        95%                     68%                                 8                        82%                 70%

11                        70%                     61%                               11                        81%                 73%


As consistency in the assessments is gained over several years, it will be possible to track test scores within an individual district and also statewide.  The table on the left below shows how students in Plainview, as a group (all grades combined), scored on the respective tests and the table on the right shows that information for all Nebraska students.  Again, the data in the table represents the percentage of students scoring at, or above, the state average on the assessments.  The ^ symbol displayed in the writing scores is the result of a testing error at the state level, so those scores are not available. 


         Plainview Students                                              Nebraska Students

          Reading   Math   Science  Writing                          Reading   Math   Science  Writing

2009-2010       73%                                                                         69%

2010-2011       70%      67%                                                           72%       63%

2011-2012       71%      67%       73%                                             74%       67%      67%

2012-2013       85%       88%      83%       86%                               77%       69%      70%       68%

2013-2014       87%       81%       91%         ^                                  77%       71%      72%         ^

2014-2015       84%       84%       84%       83%                               80%       72%      72%       72%


Norm-Referenced Tests

Each year schools are required to administer a norm-referenced test to selected groups of students.  The Plainview Public School has opted to administer the Measure of Academic Progress (MAP) assessment as its norm-referenced test.  The MAP assessment is administered on the computer and provides immediate feedback to staff, students, and parents.  The scores listed in the table below represent percentile scores.  These scores should be interpreted in the following way.  A score of 50 is the national average on a norm-referenced test.  Therefore, a score such as a 72 means that a student (or as the scores are reported by class composite) scored above 72% of the students or classes across the nation.  The MAP scores shown are the most recent scores available and are from the 2014-2015 school year spring testing cycle.  Eleventh grade students are not tested in general science.  Therefore, no eleventh grade score is available for that academic area. 

MAP Assessment Scores (2013-2014)

   Grade               Reading       Language Usage      Mathematics      General Science     

                   3                        59                      64                         50                          66                            

                   4                        65                       59                         54                          68                             

                   5                        74                       74                         58                          71                            

                   6                        62                       66                         61                          65                           

                   7                        58                       62                         74                          70                            

                   8                        59                       64                         72                          70                          

                   9                        73                       78                         80                          81                            

                 10                        73                       73                         77                          74                            

                 11                        70                       72                         70                         NA                               

ACT Scores

This past year many of our seniors, and a few juniors, participated in the ACT assessment.  The ACT consists of curriculum-based tests of educational development in English, mathematics, reading, and science, designed to measure the skills needed for success in first year college coursework.  The table below shows how Plainview’s students scored on the ACT test in comparison to other students across the state.


     English                  Mathematics                Reading                  Science               Composite

District   24.0             District  23.0           District   23.7          District  23.3        District  23.6

State      21.1             State      21.0           State       21.9          State      21.6        State      21.5


Financial Information Summary for Plainview

The audit report for the past school year has just been completed so information is available for the 2014-2015 school year.


    2014-2015                                                               2014-2015

                 General Fund Revenues                                       General Fund Expenditures

State Receipts              $614,669       13.1%                Instruct. Program      $2,777,093      57.6%

Federal Receipts          $221,659         4.7%                Pupil Services              $371,827        7.7%

Local Receipts          $3,805,045       81.0%                Bd/Central Admin       $311,284        6.5%

Cty/ESU Receipts         $30,349         0.6%                Office of Principal       $220,385        4.6%

Other Receipts               $27,242         0.6%                Operation of Plant       $585,900      12.2%   

Total Receipts           $4,698,964                                 Transportation             $245,647        5.1%

                                                                                    Fed. Categorical          $238,087        4.9%

                                                                                    State Categorical               $7,835        0.1%

                                                                                    Transfers                       $62,147        1.3%

                                                                                    Total                          $4,820,205


For any additional information about the Plainview Public Schools please contact Superintendent Richard Alt at the school offices (402-582-4993).

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